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Miron Violet Glass Water Bottle
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MIRON violet glass (also known as Miron Glass, Egyptian Violet Glass, Violet Glass, and Miron Deep Violet Glass) has the unique quality of being impermeable in the visible light spectrum from blue to red light frequencies which cause decomposition. At the same time violet glass is open to penetration of UVA, violet and IR frequencies, all of which provide positive health benefits.

To enhance the health benefits of water in a Miron Glass Bottle, simply place the water filled bottle on a sunny window sill for a couple of hours. This infuses the water with the violet light, UVA and Infrared frequencies imparted by the Miron Glass Bottle. The water becomes distinctly more silky and sweet. 

Miron Violet Glass bottled water empowers the good intentions in your life.
Increases the vibrations of the contents and has energizing effects on organic molecular life.
Miron Glass bottles both protect and stimulate the effect of any contained substance, prolonging the product’s durability.
Protection from sunlight and all forms of visible light, offering the highest quality of protection for long-term storage.
Violet Glass has been mentioned as being used by the early Egyptians, also known at that time as Egyptian Violet Glass.

Water Crystals

The father of the water crystal photography is born Masaru Emoto on July 22, 1943 in Yokohama (Japan). When he realized that there are no two snow crystals, it occurred to him to prove the quality of water over frozen water droplets and their photography. He hired a young researcher using a high-resolution microscope to confirm this hypothesis. In the meantime, his crystal pictures have gone around the world.

In his experience water has a memory and responds to treatments. Source water forms beautiful harmonious and delicate hexagons, while the water barely crystals are formed from the lower reaches of rivers. In his work, he points out that the imagery of water is varied. Products resulting from the investigation images, shapes and appearances are not reproducible, just as nature is not repeated. Conclusions on chemical, biological and physical qualities can not be drawn with this method. But he also believes that the water crystal photos one can tell what information and energy content.

For our experiments, water was white in three different in apothecary bottles with the types of glass, bottled brown and purple. It is a short term storage of 7 days and a center-term storage were performed by 74 days. We do want to point out that the imagery of the water is multidimensional and no scientific conclusions can be drawn.


  • Approximate Product Dimensions: 3 3/8" x 11" (Diameter x Height)
  • Capacity to fill point: 1000 ml (1 Liter)
  •  Although the Miron Bottle is dishwasher safe, I would recommend washing by hand with a mild soap, and prevent the Bottle from being damaged by detergent abrasives, and to preserve shine and brilliance.

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