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Your Reviews, Testimonials and some Skin Disease Before and After Photos

Warning: If you are faint of heart or have only come to our site for our beauty, baby and anti aging skincare products please be aware that our patented products base ingredient formulation was invented and became famous first and foremost for its curative effects upon difficult to treat skin conditions. As such our clients with damaged skin rely upon our products in many cases exclusively for help. So as not to embarrass, coerce, compromise or betray confidentiality we have not posted any without express consent, and usually using only a first name or in some cases withholding the name entirely (rather than resorting to the use of a pseudonym). Please scroll past the photos below if you are squeamish, and focus on the “after” photos if you must look.

NOTE: Before and after photos are a nice addition to standard written testimonials but so many of you who are ordering for the first time are distraught, uncertain, fearful and at your wits end in frustration. Very few ever even think to photograph or otherwise document a skin condition in order to create proof of “then and now” beforehand (and who would expect anyone to think of such a thing on their own at this time?). Once successful, there is then only clear skin or greatly improved skin to show and so no side by side comparison shots are available. If you are ordering from us for the first time, why not take a few well lit clearly focused photos of the area of infection before you start using our Hope, Grace or Sulfur Soap products and then another set of photos of the same areas after they have improved, and then again if they should suddenly completely disappear (as with the images of the feet below). We’ll happily place them on our site with your testimonial and gladly protect your identity too. Our testimonials have always been spontaneously received and we only use those for which we have been given express permission in writing. These are just some of the testimonials we have. Some of them involve children with skin diseases that medicine could not help. 


By the way, your shampoo is amazing...am loving it!  My hair is healthier, and the grey seems to be disappearing.  I'm losing almost no hair now using your shampoo. Anne M.


Thanks so much!  I'm very grateful for your help.


Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the extras you throw in every time I order. With Morgellons, every little bit helps. It does matter; it does make a difference. Thank you so so much, Love Vicki

Lichen Plantus and oràl Lichen plantus / graves disease hypothyroidism

I àm 49 yeàr old male who was recently diagnosed with LP ànd OLP. Working as a LMT the busy season had arrived and all therapist àre required to work longer hours during the busy season. 
I had no health problems except I càrried about 15 lbs extra weight but otherwise all my numbers were good,  I had recently lost my wife ànd I was out of work for a year. When I stared back to work I would find my self soaked to the bone with sweat. I proudly worked for 2 months busting those unwanted pounds. All at once I find myself extremely tired and lethargic,  I pushed though another week when I noticed lesions on my àrms ànd ànklles. I thought I was being bitten doing yàrd work.  The sores ànd lesions had now riddled my body leaving my feet and arms bloody with no ideas what was going on.
A biopsy from the dermatologist said I had LP and a few days later the same diagnosis of OLP.  What was going on here ?  I called my friend Kimberli in a total panic.  Kimberli Ridgeway is the owner of my ESP BOTANICALS and has earned her doctorate in Holistic Healing and has been praçticing for 25 years.  I recently moved away from the Dr's and have taken a closer look at natural healing, especially since our offices adjoined eaçh other she began teaching me a different approàch to health ànd other methods of wellness.

When I called Kimberli I was in such a state of panic all I could get out was Lichem Planus, sores, I'm itching, HELP ME! She said she was leaving town stop by and pick up a couple items to use while  away. She left a bar of sulfer soap, Bodatious Body Soak a pungent bàth soak thàt really brought the leisons to life, and a lotion bàr that was called Grace,  So basically I washed gently with the soap, soaked in the Bodatious bath oil ànd then cooled the sites down with lotion bar. She also suggested I use food grade Diatamatious Earth once dailey and the ESP products. 

Kimberli was still out of town and I was doing my daily ritual but I had made a turn for the worse,  headache, bloating, no appetite, and a rude çase of gas. I had read that D,E. would kill paracites so I called Kimberli and she informed me I was having toxic die off symptoms from parasites.  She knew of my thyroid problems and she text me one word "kelp", of course the rapid weight loss and sweating for hours at a time I have depleted my iodine sourses. Alright two days go by and colleagues are asking when did I get so much sun, I just laughed and played it off. It was the kelp am I'm looking better already,replacing the iodine.  On the other hand this parasite deal was driving me crazy, the toxic body odor, horrible gas and feeling really tired. Sitting in bed I was reading that L.P attacks the mucas membranes and that a study had found a direct link between Candida and LP. I emailed the study to Kimberli and she said to get some of her Clove añd Pau di arco drops, and oreginol, and collidial silver from the health food store. For me she muscle tested me at five times daily for three days. During that time she told me to start oil pulling with sesame  oil. I asked what pulling was and I was told to take a shot of oil and swish it for five minutes then spit it out daily. The first day after I pulled I spit the oil into the toilet and it was milky. Hmm interesting, every time I pull it is the same color as squeeze butter from the store, its yeast. Beside the pulling and dosing with the herbal drops my bowels went haywire, expelling long clear wormlike flukes, many, many black looking tick paracites, and just as many small hollow on one end black chocolate chip looking dudes just a little smaller than a real chocolate chips,  All these were not listed in the official paracite ID book, Later four more types of candida were identified,  I was in awe àll the freaky organisms coming from my body and even from my mouth, it was quite disgusting to say the least andI am quite embarrassed to tell these details.

Time has past now and my lichen plànus has àll but gone away but be careful because its true when I say stress will cause a flair in a moments notice as well as sugàr.  A few days ago I had eaten sugar and the stress was high when my mouth came alive with pain all through my mouth. My gums were purple ànd my toungue was on fire. It hurt to drink anything and as my luck would have it Kimberli was away. I looked on Google for a natural remedies and the first one I read suggested using Myrth. Being a therapist it was an oil I keep on hand. I used my fore finger and applied it to my gums and tounge ànd it tasted terrible but the next morning my gums ànd tounge were pink ànd looking healthy. I've only had to use 3 times in a month.

I hope this helps many people with LP and OLP, if were not for the knowledge of Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway and her products I would not be able to work again and have à lifestyle I was taken for granted.



Renee, March 10th, 2014:
Ms. Kimberli, 

 Thank you so much for the soap you gave me for my allergic reaction. It has been helping. I'm going to start promoting your products on my webpage. What I didn't get a chance to tell you is that I'm a Figure Competitor and I just performed at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival. Having an allergic reaction has really set me back in training for future shows. When you gave me the soap, it was like GOD answering my prayers since medicine alone hasn't helped.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Renee Black


Name Withheld by Request, Florida:

Eczema: About two years ago the top of my feet began turning red, itching, cracking, bleeding and sometimes swelling occurred. A blood test for Diabetes came back negative. I had changed my socks and shoes regularly and always showered and cleaned well. For some reason this itching (which I thought was athletes foot fungus) got worse no matter what I did. Sprays, ointments, creams like Desinex and Tulfinate, Lamosil, Benadryl Spray, Neosporin ointment, soaking my feet in water and Epsom salt – all did no good. Mercuroclear and Tea Tree Oil alone also did not help.

Cracked, Bloody, Swollen feet: 

Before and After

Also severe swelling of the feet in between cracking, peeling & bleeding

Before and After

I finally tried New Hope 2 and Anu Water together and they got it under control. It did get worse before it got better – whatever it was did NOT like the New Hope 2 and Anu. No more itching, cracking, peeling or swelling! I apply the new hope to the tops of my feet, rub it in and put on my socks and shoes. I drink six ounces of Anu twice a day and am quite happy with the results.

The longer I do it, the better Anu and New Hope do their job.

This testimonial was received in 2009 and outside of one short two week itching period in the winter of 2011, there has been no swelling, scaling, flaking, itching, redness or bleeding. Is it cured? We can’t say. Draw your own conclusions. Besides giving up smoking and exercising more the client avoids certain foods like milk, eggs and food products (like bread) with gluten in them. During the winter period of 2011 when the client began to feel itching he dipped and soaked his feet in ice water (long but not too long, avoiding frostbite by leaving the toes above water when it got too cold) as many times during the day as needed to relieve the itch and force the eczema into submission, and used ESP Botanicals Serum’s essential oils as a topical nutrient and aid to the New Hope One Lotion Jar in a Bar to moisturize the skin.


Harley. Location: Florida

Harley has graciously allowed us to use her before and after photos here. At the time ESP Botanicals worked with Harley New Hope Two (Our STRONGEST PROTOCOL) had not yet been formulated.

before/after images below are of Harley:







More Left Maxillary


Underfacial Lesions Closed



Robyn – August 23 at 7:17pm, CA

There is one thing I would love to do and that is to give testimony about what incredible benefit pure n simple ESP products,(like sulphur soap and Trishas amazing magnetic clay), did for refugees I helped in Nepal.. because they deal w parasites,rashes and fungus in monsoon conditions, w/o hot water…also that I did give some to my nephew who was in afghanistan and he shared it too and personally I believe every mess kit should have a bar of sulphur soap. There is so much in my heart and deep appreciation for what these products can and are doing! thanks so much Trisha!


JACLYNN, Friday, Aug 31st 2012

“I recently received the complete new beginnings kit for babies from a friend. My two year old has suffered from eczema since he was 3 months old. His face would break out so bad that it would ooze. His feet would be just as bad, so we never put socks or shoes on him. Nothing the Dr.’s prescribed worked and I stopped using the meds on my baby. (I only give my family WESTERN MEDICINE when its absolutely needed, otherwise its holistic care.) I’m a massage therapist so I just started to massage his body using some essential oils, it helped. But your product, “AAAAAAHHHHH!” Hear that? Thats angels singing! LOL The very first day I used it on him resulted in major reduction of the swollen redness, and he was no longer scratching. Thank You!!!! You have an AMAZING product. I look forward to purchasing from your website!
New Beginnings Baby Line natural organic skin care products formulated especially for baby’s to adolescent’s tender young skin. So much of what is in the patented base of ESP’s skin care products revolves around natural protectants and curatives that formulating them as one single line of organic products meant for all people is not possible.”



Trisha – First let me thank you from the bottom of my hyper-toxic charged heart for all your help. Thank you for being a real caring human being with a soul and a conscience.. You have worked tirelessly for all of us that suffer and i want you to know how much it is appreciated.
Personally I want to report back and tell you that your soap (new hope 2) really works to bring this stuff up to the surface of my skin – it is amazing! The butteresque oil does its job as well plus it smells good…
I am so infested that it defies belief but your products are helping- Thank you for that..




I just purchased your New Hope 1 Kit and have used it 3 times in the last 24 hours (2 nights and 1 morning). So far I have been impressed with the quick shipment, the quality of packaging and containers, the pleasant fragrances, the complementary sulfur soap, and the calming sensation on the skin after use. Thanks!


David Pardue, Minister, Spring Hill, Florida

Reverend Pardue had red lesions in his scalp and on his legs and elbows. The photos here are of his abdomen. Note that on the second picture, the white patches are gone and his now seeing his own skin. After 25 years, the itching stopped within 3 applications (1 1/2 days) of using ESP Botanicals New Hope Skin Formulation. Note also in the second picture, the tracings around the abdomen that were once angry red and raised with white patches are now only an outline. The red patches in the lower right corner are now flush with his skin are are healing. Reverend Pardue had also used numerous coal tar, steroids, pharmaceutical topical cream prescriptions and multiple over the counter (OTC) medications. None worked like the ESP Botanicals New Hope Skin Formulation.


Subject: 100% clear of lesions
To: “Tr Rummel”
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 10:39 PM

I got great news! Whether its in remission or healed completely I don’t care. I am at 100% free of lesions. The last lesion is just a pink spot. YEAH!!!!!!!! I have been on the Herbalife products in addition to your New Hope 2 and ANU water for 14 weeks. I am ecstatic. I took my bath this morning and I took the tweezers in with me but there was nothing to use them on. The fibers are out and all the last few lesions are just pink scar tissue. I will keep using all the products to be on the safe side. I am SO HAPPY! Oh my gosh it is so AWESOME to be healthy again.

Have a blessed day!

R. L. (Name withheld by request)


We’re doing great. I had to step up the esp protocol back to twice per day as I have been having some minor symptoms i.e. the occasional itchy small bump, and the odd pin prick sensation.

I also know that I am in a sort of remission state, I still have fibers etc.
In saying that, we are all well, and happy and ‘feel’ healthy.
Internally I am only taking ACV, lugols, and GSE plus vitamins/minerals.
I do still intend to get my family on the ANY. Just not at the moment.
I feel very blessed, and thank God for each new day. In all honestly I have never been happier in my life, because I appreciate everything so much more. Perhaps that’s just one of the blessings which comes from this experience.
Thank you so much for your wonderful skin care line, I don’t honestly know where we would be with out it, and without you as well.
love Z


From Jillian G.

Hi Trisha,

It is heavy on my heart to share this with you since you had a big influence on the way I look at food and the body.

In December I went to the Doctor (Gyno) for my yearly exam and she found a tumor the size of a cherry (and very red). The Doctor even let me see it in the mirror (freaky!)She said it did not look like Cancer and not to worry. It took me 2 months to get in to get it removed. So what did I do??? I took all the information you and people who you know…. and was pretty determined to “see if when she goes in that it would be gone” I kept saying to Julian “wouldn’t it be cool if it was GONE??” So, I didn’t use the ph strips like I should or anything like that. I just ate more greens and drank tons and tons of quality water. VERY little red meat. No processed foods. I, of course, still drank too much beer and/or red wine and smoked too much and that was the part where I didn’t get my hopes up too much. I just worked hard, slept my normal 8-9 hours a night with the help of melatonin. And just went about my life.

Showed up to her office at 7am. Trish was my Doctors name. Wonderful lady, by the way! She went in and she probed around for 10 minutes with a strange look on her face. I was in fear of the worst, not the best, when she looked up at me and asked if we were sure there was anything there in December. She asked to see the charts again. I had a huge smile on my face. She was in shock and said in the 30 some odd years of exams only one young girl had her problem disappear. So I told her what I just wrote you and kept saying. “THE BODY HAS THE ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF” and gave her the ph 80/20 diet info. I also told her that we prayed to God to heal our bodies. We nicknamed my tumor Rudolph since the red cherry looking thing I saw was like he was living in there and it was his nose I could see. Funny? (you have to have humor in life also!) Another gift from God was since she had nothing to remove. There was NO Charge! Holy COW! I literally skipped out of her office and told Julian. He was silent for about a minute and said: “Are you sure!?” Then he laughed and said “The power of prayer and the ability to eat your way to cure the body” Yes, I have a few jars of New Hope that I use and cut most chemicals from our environment. It was not super strict! I did not obsess. I just made salads each day with meals and mustard greens and collard greens etc. I douched with white vinegar only a few times the week before I went in to get it removed.

So, Thank you Trisha Springstead. You do make a difference in peoples lives. I have always believed in your ideas in healing. Just don’t forget to Take care of you!

I felt I had to share this with you…. I think its important for others to know that no matter what, people come into your life for a reason and a season. I thank you!

Jillian G.



“I received the kit on Tues. and have been using it all week. My husband too. The first thing I noticed was how clean the soap got our skin. Drew out a ton of these black specs. I used the soap on my head, which has been a big problem area and couldn’t believe how clean my hair and scalp felt. What was a great surprise was the for the rest of the day my head didn’t hurt. It didn’t itch and there was no biting sensation. At times the biting sensations on my head are so strong they literally stop me in my tracks. Two days into using the soap and the balm my head actually started healing and you can see little hairs coming back through. Now on my skin, the lesions I have left bad scars and about once a month become re-activated for a week or so. It’s too soon to tell but already the “scars” are paler and not raised so hopefully they won’t break in to lesions in the next couple weeks. Overall my skin feels normal again, something I haven’t had in a year. When I put the balm on my husbands back I was literally pulling stuff out as I was rubbing it on. In one day his back was almost completely clear. In two days only one sore. Oh and on both of us a lot of these fibers/fuzz came off. I still can’t get over what it’s done for my head.

Hopefully these products will keep working their magic and I’ll will send pictures in a couple weeks so that you can see the improvement. I’ve actually been taking pictures every day/every other day and already you can tell a difference. I have before pictures as well, there upsetting to look at but I’ve been taking pictures since January because it’s unbelievable what’s happened to my head and skin. Of course, the doctors are clueless, I’ve been to my reg. doctor and 8 different dermatologists and no one knows what to tell me, they just keep referring me to others.

Thanks again for having such great products and for caring.”


Rhonda Mahaney

“Dear Trisha,

I feel compelled to write and tell you since I have been using your products…I have had such amazing results. I am 53 yrs. old…and have always had dry skin to begin with, but since I have been playing tennis for 21 years, I am in the sun A LOT. I have tried so many lotions, creams, moisturizers, just everything that you can think of. I also worked in cosmetics and fragrances for 15 years and have tried all of the different retail store brands. I have never found anything that worked until using your New Hope soap, Lotion in Bar, and New Hope Balm. It has changed the texture of my skin totally.

I used to be embarrassed when my husband put his hand over on my leg, but now when he does…he comments on how smooth my skin is. It is just really amazing…I have only been using your products for 1 month now and have already had such drastic results. I also have been using your Lip Bomb on my DRY lips and love it. I have to tell you that I had a little place on my top lip that continued to grow slowly…I could see it growing and knew that I would eventually have to go to the Dermatologist and have it burned off, cut off, cut OUT or something!!! Would you believe that since I have been using the Lip Bomb the place has totally gone away. I am so thrilled that I have found your products…they really do all they say they will and more…they are healing!!

Thank you for all of your research and dedication to creating great products that really help change people’s lives.


Rhonda Mahaney”


Bryan – Pennsylvania


I just started using the products tonight…
only minutes ago…
let me give you my honest first response:
I’m enjoying sitting by myself for the first time in maybe 12 months. In peace. I can only imagine what a good night sleep will feel like.
Just before I put the applications on I said to myself, “I really don’t know how much longer I can live like this”, and I started to move into a sense of hopeless panic. Then I remembered my products came from Trisha, so, I ran downstairs , read the directions, ran upstairs, and started the applications.
After the first application of the soap stuff started to come out of my pores, white stuff. I let it sit for 7 minutes, then I rinsed and I bombed myself with a thin coat of the bomb. Then I put the oil bar in my hands, held as if praying, let the oil come out of the bar into my hands and smeared it on my face where I had been attacked. Then I sprayed with the special oil spray and it’s heavenly!
Now I am sitting in peace, it is truly wonderful. It’s been a long time and it’s as if I went from hell to bliss. So thank you for caring and for making a product that works. Plus, it smells good!



Sally P. Brooksville

I had what doctors said was Staph infection, within 2 days the red marks were gone on my face. It was a Fungus.

Thanks Trisha


John P. from Miami

No soap has ever made me feel so clean as Trisha’s. it feels so good on my skin.


Denise Sheradas, Arizona

I have been on the New Hope for 1 year. No one has ever Given me hope for my skin but the New Hope.


Carolina Winger

I always knew Trisha had the Best on the Market. The Carolinas Flower is the Best. Patients I work with ask me “What is that beautiful scent you are wearing?” It is real Jasmine and it is Beautiful.

Trisha is destined for Greatness.


Lynn Wolf, Brooksville, Florida

I had an open sore on the inside of my nose that would not heal. I used the usual antibiotic salves and the sore would start to heal but be back again within a few days. I went to Trish and told her about my condition and that I was planning on going to the doctor to have it diagnosed. I was worried that it may be more than just a sore. Trish gave me the New Hope Formulation salve and had me use it once a day on the inside of my nostril. The discomfort stopped almost immediately and within two days the sore was completely gone. It has been two months and the sore has never returned. I will never know what caused it or why it wouldn’t heal, but her salve healed it completely. Thank you Trish, for caring about our skin and giving us an all natural way to heal our skin conditions without doing harm.

Thank you!


Debra Fryer, Brooksville, Florida

I have used Trisha’s soaps and Shea balms for a year now and my skin has actually changed, I used to always have dry skin. I spent a fortune at the store on lotions and soaps that promised help. They all contained water and mineral oil.

After speaking in depth with Trish, I understood why these lotions and soaps were not helping. She was right. I will use no other soaps or lotions on my skin. The Shea body balm lasts for months and her soaps last a long time. At first, they feel a little greasy but within five minutes, they soak into my skin. I am a runner and I put the cream on my skin before I run. No more clogged pores and I always get compliments on how great I smell. I no longer need perfume because of the mix of essential oils in her balms.

Thanks, Trish.


Cathryn & Paul, Brooksville, Florida

Trisha, the New Hope Kit is heaven sent! You truly are the Einstein of Skincare.

I was reading your web site and cleaned out all the crap (poison) from my home. Paul also stopped using sunscreen, but he’s not burning. Does the kit work also as a sunscreen or do you have a botanical sunscreen line yet?

All our love.



Dr Kimberli has a Doctorate in Natural Health. She makes no claims, promises or guarantees regarding your results. Her advice and products do not take the place of your medical professional and are intended help educate you on healthy alternatives to assist you in improving your health. ESP Botanicals and ESP Botanicals products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition or disease. If you believe you are actually turning into a ZOMBIE please consult a medical professional immediately. All products are made by Dreamwalker, LLC, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.