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These products are based on U.S. patent no. 7060306.

 The company founder Trisha Springstead, RN, MS stands by the quality of these products. She personally created all the formulations, after much research. With a registered nurse who has over 30 years of dedication in the health care field in charge of your skincare, you can feel at ease about the best quality, purity, and strength of these products.

ESP Botanicals was started in 1997 when Trisha Springstead’s mother, Phyllis, desired soaps with no non-beneficial additives such as propylparabens, methylparabens, petroleum distillates, hexyls, benzyls, etc. after receiving disturbing news about her health. To help her mother, Trisha did extensive research about alternative lotions, herbal soaps and other natural skin-care products. Through the Internet, just one of many valuable resources utilized, she ordered a number of books on organic soaps and soap-making. In 2007, Trisha went national with The Hope Skin Formulation and the Lotion Jar in a Bar, both Trade-marked and Patented.

“Exhaustive tinkering and tweaking of formulations and ingredients yielded the recipes that are the foundations of ESP Botanicals,” Trisha says, “These lovingly-prepared, all-natural, products have since been the first and only choice of many of our local area customers, but now visitors come to our online store from other states and countries to order our products exclusively.”

In 2013, Kimberli Ridgeway, who has a Doctorate in Natural Health, has taken over the formulations of these beautiful products, with a commitment to maintain the strict standards set forth by Trisha Springstead. Kimberli has 20 years of experience in the alternative health field. 


ESP Botanicals will not add colorants or fragrance oils to our products skin care, due to research and studies of the dangers of adding them.

ESP Botanicals are made with essential oils, herbs, and essential-oils-plant-derived blends, and colored with natural herbal colorants.

ESP Botanicals has made a commitment to our consumers, and ourselves, to use only botanical organic additives, the best essential oils, and the least processed carrier oils, wherever and as often as possible. We are proud of this commitment; however, we are never complacent and are constantly striving to find greater healing plants and formulations. 

Thank you, from Trisha and Kimberli.


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Dr Kimberli has a Doctorate in Natural Health. She makes no claims, promises or guarantees regarding your results. Her advice and products do not take the place of your medical professional and are intended help educate you on healthy alternatives to assist you in improving your health. ESP Botanicals and ESP Botanicals products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition or disease. If you believe you are actually turning into a ZOMBIE please consult a medical professional immediately. All products are made by Dreamwalker, LLC, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.